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20-first, Avivah’s consultancy arm, works with CEOs and executive committees who want to rethink and update their diversity approaches for the 21st century and identify the strategic business opportunities of gender and generational balance in their organisations. Teamwork and partnerships are core to Avivah’s philosophy. Depending on the nature and scope of the project, Avivah works with her international advisory team and 20-first colleagues.

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Avivah and her consultancy 20-first have developed a wide range of workshops and programmes for both companies and individuals based on her three areas of expertise: longevity, gender and cultural balance. These include a range of senior leadership sessions and digital learning programmes for managers.

For Companies


A politically incorrect discussion about balancing gender and culture.

Part 1: Why Care?

Do we care about balance? Why or why not, how much, how urgently? How do we define it? Are we skilled at selling our ‘why’ to both believers and sceptics?

Part 2: What's Going On?

Where does the organisation currently stand? What kind of balance are we talking about, prioritising and measuring? How did we get here, and what does success look like? What skills do we need to build to get there?

Part 3: How to Balance?

How To Balance (and how not to). What works, what doesn’t. How to make balance sustainable, strategic and engaging — inclusive of everyone, including your dominant majority.

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The Longevity WakeUp

How CEOs and leadership teams can tap into the longevity economy and adapt to the multiple consequences of ageing societies
on customers, teams and careers. Plus, the strategies needed to create opportunities in this fast changing world.

  • THE OPPORTUNITY: Design strategies to tap into the $22 trillion longevity economy
  • THE MARKET: Integrate the fast-growing older customer market and their powerful purchasing power
  • THE TALENT: Analyse the impact of ageing populations and 5-generation workforces on people management, recruitment and retention
  • THE PRIORITY: Get leaders and managers 'longevity fluent' to build competitive edge by staying ahead of the shift
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Middle managers are a key driver of successful change. But they are often considered an obstacle. Avivah and 20-first have integrated two decades of working with management teams across sectors, countries and cultures to develop a complete online, digital learning guide to building gender bilingual skills for managers.

  • Bias training without blame: Building on the approach we have proven resonates — stop fixing women, stop blaming men and start empowering managers.
  • Meet managers where they are: Developing skills by covering gender issues from a manager’s perspective — consolidating and responding to years of questions, reactions (and scepticism).
  • Immersive, dynamic learning: Modules are highly interactive, built with a carefully balanced combination of research, videos and games. All underpinned by data sourced from reputable studies.
  • Six 30-minute modules: can be deployed to suit your pacing and blended with other channels and/or
    training plans.
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“Ageing societies are both an opportunity and a threat for our company.
Avivah laid out the frame and helped us get longevity on the agenda
and then into an action plan.”
Programme attendee

For Individuals

The Midlife ReThink

A fresh roadmap for navigating longer lives and careers. This workshop is designed to give participants new tools, frameworks and insights to help plan and navigate their next chapter in three simple, transformative online sessions, exploring:

  • How the new longevity changes the traditional career cycle
  • Why careers are moving from 30-year sprints to 60-year marathons
  • The multiple impacts and opportunities for dual-career couples and families

Session 1: Harvesting The Past (Where I’ve been)

A review of life to date, where you’ve come from, what you’ve experienced, and what you’ve learnt. The foundations you have built.

Session 2: Assessing The Present (Where I’m standing)

Where I am in life’s 4 Quarters. Who am I travelling with,  what roles/ relationships/ beliefs do I want to keep, and what do I need
to leave behind?

Session 3: Visioning The Future (Who I’m becoming)

Tomorrow’s purpose, role models and support. Clarifying the choices I need to make to move towards the future I want.

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“Midlife is a gift and an opportunity. Avivah’s workshops help you go through this transition with clarity and ease in order to unleash your second-half-of-life brilliance and power”
Programme attendee


A regular speaker at business and leadership corporate events and global conferences including Ted, The Economist Conferences, The Drucker Forum, WIN and The Women’s Forum, Avivah has also lectured at INSEAD and HEC business schools.

Avivah speaks on all topics gender, generational balance and how these trends impact countries, companies and couples. Her refreshing style breaks down barriers between people, places and preconceived ideas, building bridges across differences.


Avivah’s coaching practice focuses on supporting CEO, board members and executive committees who are rethinking and updating their leadership awareness and skills for the 21st century.

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