Avivah Wittenberg-Cox New Thinking in Gender and Generational Balance

New Thinking In Gender & Generational Balance

“To benefit their businesses and better connect with customers and talent, 21st century leaders need to build on the similarities and differences between cultures, genders and generations.”
Avivah Wittenberg Cox, CEO 20-first
“I have always thought that the 20th century saw the rise of women, and the 21st century will be about whether men accept that rise or backlash. Right now, what you see is both.”
Avivah Wittenberg Cox, Financial Times
Ageism or Generational Balance? Americans aged 50+ are the world’s third largest economy
The Impact  Of Gender Balance: Balanced leadership teams link to 53% higher return on equity

About Avivah

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is a thought leader specialising in gender and generational balance. She advises on leadership, the future of work, the longevity economy and the consequences of 60-year careers.

A regular contributor to Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, she hosts the longevity-focused podcast 4-Quarter Lives, and publishes the substack Elderberries. Avivah has lectured at INSEAD and HEC and has spoken at events ranging from Ted and The Economist Conferences, to The Drucker Forum, WIN and The Women’s Forum.

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Today, big unpredictable shifts in business, culture and the economy are the norm. Two issues that are predictable and will revolutionise the rest: ageing populations and the continued gender balancing of countries. Reframing gender and longevity as a strategic business priority creates a competitive edge in fast-changing business cultures.

Avivah has over 20 years consulting, coaching and writing on gender and balance in business and the rising impact of longevity on the personal and the workplace. She offers a distinct point of view to help individuals, teams and businesses thrive.

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Working with Avivah

Avivah works with clients in three ways: consulting, speaking and coaching. She has run over 300 sessions in over 40 countries with CEOs and their executive teams on balancing gender, generations and cultures. Avivah maintains a global CEO coaching practice and her consultancy, 20-first, develops custom programmes for clients based on their vision, strategy and the challenges they face connecting the two.

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A regular contributor to Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, The Globe and Mail and Talent Quarterly, Avivah is also the author of the substack Elderberries.

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Avivah is a regular speaker at corporate events and global conferences, on all things gender, generational balance and how these trends impact countries, companies and couples.

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Avivah hosts her own podcast, 4-Quarter Lives, and has appeared as a guest on other podcasts, talking about gender balance and longevity in the workplace and the world.

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Avivah is the author of seven books on gender, leadership, and longevity which have been translated in multiple languages. Avivah’s most recent book is Thriving to 100 — Through Life’s 4 Quarters. It graphically sets out the challenges both individuals and societies face as lifespans, healthspans and working lives lengthen — and why we need an entirely new roadmap for life, love and work.

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